6 Amazing Benefits of Maintaining a Gratitude Journal

If you would like to start off your day right, psychologists and psychology researchers will tell you it’s all about setting the right tone with a Gratitude journal. Keeping a gratitude journal isn’t an entirely new trend nowadays. It is a habit whose ‘magical charm’ and benefits have been supported in several bestseller books and intuitive mobile apps.

Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive speaks about the various benefits gratitude exercises can have. According to the book, anyone who successfully sticks to various gratitude norms is sure to experience lots of benefits. She writes down eight benefits, including having low-stress levels, experiencing extreme calmness at night and gaining the ability to focus on what’s of importance.

Gratitude is the key to success’ it says!

It is undeniable that those positive and uplifting things you encounter every day deserve to be recorded. Simple as it is, a gratitude journal will blind you from the hectic hassles of life and ensure you get exposed to the goodies and the heartwarming ones alone.

It isn’t demanding to keep one!

Keeping such a journal would only need a couple of minutes of your time, yet the benefits will be immense. With that said, let’s get straight at the six primary and super-amazing benefits of writing a gratitude journal.

1. Unlocks Instant positivity and Happiness

Once you start counting things you are grateful for, you will instantly see a surge in your happiness levels. Life is a blend of positives and negatives. But if you remain hopeful during the most trying of times, regularly updating your Gratitude Journal, you will remain positive. And since the single biggest benefit of gratitude is happiness, that little journal will have a lasting impact in your positivity.

2. Gratitude Journal is a massive stress-reliever

The fact that you are grateful enough to keep a record of your good deeds and positive emotions, and relish good experiences means nothing will keep you sad. And as you remain happy, rest assured stresses, tension or depression will not knock your door. You’ll thus lead a healthy, stress-free life.

3. It is the best way of keeping your life in perspective

This is because, much as it will be a mere activity involving scribbling down whatever encouraging deeds that took place in the day, a gratitude journal will keep your head high when life gets thick. The journal will ensure you don’t fixate and express discontent or sorrow over any unpleasant outcomes, but instead remain positive.

4. You’ll increase your self-esteem

It is a simple, personal activity that allows you to document your day-to-day wins. It doesn’t matter if the achievement was small or significant. And as the list balloons, so will your confidence and thus the self-belief.

5. Gratitude Journal equals Better Sleep

According to science-backed research, if you spend as little as 15 minutes before you retire to bed every day, noting down a few grateful sentiments is enough to get a peaceful slumber. You only need to make this a habit, and nothing will ever affect your sleep.

6. You will be a likeable person

Any act of gratitude is enough to make you a trustworthy and appreciative person. After all, don’t we all admire someone who loves saying ‘thank you?’

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