Feeling Stressed?- 5 Surefire Ways to Feel Less Stressed

With our hectic, everyday life and the endless hassles that we all have to go through, stress and getting overwhelmed is okay. But it’s not acceptable to allow it to overpower you, especially at an age when the web can offer massive help. If you are feeling heavy with emotions right now, this post will help untangle the shackles of stresses and emotions of your mind.

1. Workout regularly

Exercise is not about running or cycling around only. It could be either a little walk around your compound, yoga or dance at the local studio. Exercising release your emotions and helps the body reduce its production of cortisol and enable it to practice dealing with this giant called stress.

2. Eat well

Stress can make you tired and weak if you don’t eat. You need to eat food that contains nutrients, vitamins, and carbohydrates as some foods reduce stress and anxiety. Nutritious food like omega-3s will, not only deal with stress but also it might calm you down. Chocolate and asparagus will help you beat your stress as well as a cup of asparagus can give a half of your daily folate that is perfect to fight your morning stress.

3. Meditate

You might see meditation as a waste of time but daily meditation usually alters brains pathways and makes it resist stress. Stress can be a dangerous as it can increase heart rate which can leads to death in some cases. So, practicing meditation by sitting with both legs on the floor in a good position where you can close your eyes and focus on your breath. Play your breath by slowing down your breathing as you take a deep breath repeatedly, soon you will be relaxed.

4. Work on your Attitude

If you happen to experience some stress don’t be sad the all-day just strengthen yourself by acting differently towards it. Don’t allow stress to interfere with your life, continue with your daily routine. Some people tend to go silent, turn off their phones. While the best way is to plug in your headphones and listen to some motivational speeches by Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Brian Tracy which are easily available on Youtube.

5. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keep your journal with you every day each time. One in your office bag, on your bed, and in your wallet. This gratitude journal will be including your deeds and the daily good things that happen to you or what you do to others. Embark to your journal when you start feeling sad or stressed to help you give you energy and remind you what you have to do right away.

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Yes, Magneto is the name of the app and you need it if staying motivated and inspired amid all the hassles of life is your core focus. It’s probably the best app that would deflate the ball of stress in your head right now.

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