How to get a job after a gap

Career breaks tend to happen for a lot of reasons but the questions remain are how to get a job after a gap? How do I become employable after a gap? Or even is it possible to get a job after a gap? The answer is Yes, you can easily get a job after a gap. All you need is a good plan. I had a gap of 9 months in my career but it played a very important role in my life and made me who I am today. I used the below plan, you can use it too.

Easy steps to get a job:

Step 1: Choose the domain in your industry
what is the latest buzz in your industry, for example, if you had experience of working in an IT Industry than AI, machine learning, data science are the trending technologies. If you had experience in marketing than Digital Marketing, social media marketing are growing at a rapid pace. Choose any one field you find interesting.
Step 2: Learn

The great thing about today is whatever you want to learn is easily available. What you only need is the internet. Start learning about your chosen field and industry online.  Some free and great sites are,,,

Bonus Tip: On youtube, search –  [your field] + “ Tutorials for beginners”. For Example, “Android developer tutorials for beginners” or “Facebook marketing for beginners”.

Step 3: Side Projects
Side projects play a very important role by making sure you apply what you have learned. Apply the learning and start some side projects. Magneto app was started as a side project and now it has more than 12000 downloads.

After all, employers want is practical knowledge to solve their problem. These projects will boost your confidence, making you ready for upcoming challenges.

Bonus Tip: Listen to Unthinkable podcast about side projects and you will discover how important they are.

Step 4: Apply for jobs

Don’t run after the big firms. Start by applying to startups because for them only knowledge and how things can be done matters. Search for startups in your area, go to their career sections and apply. Connect with their HRs on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, please ask them in comments section.

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