7 affirmations to attract success in your life

These affirmations to attract success will help you believe in your self and your goal and are stepping stones towards your goal.

7 affirmations to attract success are:

  1. Every decision I make is backed by GOD’s will.
  2. All of God’s riches follow freely through me.
  3. Success, Success, Success ( Just simply repeating it attracts more success. Very powerful )Infinite Intelligence leads and guides me
  4. Health, Wealth & Success 
  5. God is directing me towards right action now
  6. I am prospering everyday

How to use affirmations?

To effectively use these affirmations for success, follow these steps:

  1. Set a specific money goal, for example like I want to earn $10000 by 31 Mar 2019
  2. Write down these affirmations on a paper (Preferred)  or take a print out.
  3. Every morning, as soon as you get up, take out the paper and in front of the mirror read them loud and look into your eyes as you read them.
  4. Repeat step 3 before going to sleep
  5. After reading them visualize your goal, as it has already been achieved.

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6 thoughts on “7 affirmations to attract success in your life”

    1. Khyshi, you are absolutely correct about what you read, but that is not true for setting goal, that is when you are visualizing. For setting goals (or step 1. ask), it is ok to use “want”. If you read the affirmations then you see all affirmations are giving you feeling like you have already achieved your goals (wants). Hope it helps!

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