8 Daily Habits of Successful People

It’s not a secret that nearly all the famous individuals, including the high achievers, have a fascinating lifestyle. They not only pay attention to luck and skill but also do the same on their secret mindsets. From unbelievable rituals to others who maintain bizarre dressing styles, let’s sample a couple of these habits successful personalities swear by.

1. They read a lot; mostly non-fiction books

After surveying over 230 wealthy people, including the self-made millionaires, Tom Corley of RichHabits.net, noticed a clear habit among them – an uncontrollable urge for knowledge. In fact, over 88% of them said they spend as little as 30 minutes a day grasping knowledge from biographies, history, and self-help books. Of course, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg lead this gang!

2. They Get Up Early and Meditate

Yoga junkies aren’t the only ones whose knack for meditation is worth writing about. Knowing well that meditation has a massive impact on the mental and physical aspects of a person, famous people like Oprah and Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey do it every day at 5 in the morning. Also, most of them would be up by at least three hours before they face the day.

3. They Workout

This doesn’t necessarily mean they all spend a couple of hours lifting weights and sweating themselves away at the gym. Some hit the gym and fitness centers to ‘get their hearts and sweat glands pumping’ for as little as 30 minutes a day. Others like Zuckerberg love running and biking while the like of Branson and Obama prefer surfing to stay fit!

4. They Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Albert Einstein used to sleep for a whopping 10 hours. Today, campaigners of a long, healthy slumber like Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post keep this practice alive. Still, Tom Corley noticed that 89% of millionaires from his list would sleep for up to eight hours a day.

5. They keep a Gratitude Journal – maintain a clear daily routine

Oprah kept a Gratitude Journal for a whole decade without fail and she still updates it. A lot of other celebrities manage to get things done conveniently using the latter-day, app-based gratitude journals, most notably Magneto.

6. They always have a list of Goals

Well, this habit is universal among them all; setting realistic goals and tirelessly push their limits. Their goals undoubtedly vary, but it is a norm they’ve firmly created and cultivated, with some even using modern and sophisticated tools like Magneto.

7. They take the Leap of Faith

No single person can ever be a successful without being an intrepid risk-taker and this is another most pervasive habit among all high-achievers. They take massive, bold decisions filled with calculated risks and accept and embrace changes and uncertainties, even when all odds are against them.

8. They are Proactive

It is hard to find a celebrity, tycoon or someone of substance lazing around. Most of them are proactive and take action before they have to.

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