Welcome to SuccessFundas.com – a blog that provides success tips that actually work.

My name is Ankush Gambhir and I am the founder of SuccessFundas.com & Magneto App. Also, currently I am working with one of the biggest digital agency in the world.

I am also a speaker and a success coach. (Me speaking at a summit)

Me Speaking at a summit.

For more than 9 years, I have used positive thinking, goal setting, the law of attraction to manifest a successful life. I have used various practical ways that helped me in my Journey from being broke, jobless to multiple jobs offer and increasing my income by 300% in just 1.5 years. Using some practical ways I received consecutive promotions & won the Innovation award for my contribution to my company.

My award

It took me about 10 years to discover various practical ways to stay positive, focused & motivated. These practical success tips also helped my friends and colleagues to get debt free, land dream job, increase their salaries, have better relationships and lead a successful life.

Why SuccessFundas.com?

SuccessFundas.com will bring you the practical success tips that actually work and will help you to:

  1. get debt free and increase your wealth
  2. achieve your goals whether personal, professional or financial
  3. break the shackles of mediocrity and turn you into a champion
  4. Β have better relationships

My life journey would have been easier if someone would have told me about these practical ways earlier.

My mission is to provide these hard-learned success lessons to you so that you are successful at whatever you do.