Gratitude: The first step towards happiness

Gratitude is a feeling of happiness and thankfulness that comes from appreciating life. It is not an emotion that comes automatically, but a choice one has to make. An attitude of gratitude is cultivated when we teach our hearts not to take things for granted. The importance of developing a personality of gratitude is something that is widely emphasised by different institutions including religions.

How gratitude will help you to feel happy in whichever situation you are

If you choose to remain grateful regardless of the situation you are in, you will live a happier life. It’s the best way to lead a happy life since it requires no investment. All you need is a change of heart and a little effort to remain thankful always.

Gratitude will make you happy in the following ways

    Improves your relationship with others

If you are grateful, people will want to be associated with you. Grateful people are usually considered to be helpful and trustworthy. They will feel happy for your appreciation and return the favor.

    Gratitude reduces negative feelings

By being thankful, you eliminate feelings of envy and bitterness regardless of what you are going through in life. People with a grateful personality have a small risk of getting into stress and depression. It will help you maintain a healthy attitude even in the midst of trials.

Famous people who use gratitude as a practice

Oprah Winfrey is one the outstanding individuals who practice gratitude. She has over the years advocated on the pleasure and power of remaining grateful. Her practice on gratitude is through maintaining a gratitude journal. She advises her fans and followers to do the same. According to her, a practice of gratitude is important as it allows exude more goodness and shift your focus on what you have not what you don’t have.

Maintaining a gratitude journal is easy as all you need it five to15 minutes to meditate and record things that you are thankful for. However, during the day, you need to remain attentive so as to realize all the good things you come across.

When you are grateful for what you have, you will be given more

The law of attraction affirms that what you give focus to is what you will attract to your life. You can take advantage of positive attraction by ensuring that you focus on being grateful for the things that matter. By doing so, you will attract into your life more of the things that you are grateful for. 

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