Simple habits for a Happier Life

Happiness looks different for everyone. For you, it might be being surrounded by your loved ones, or being at peace with yourself, or being able to chase and pursue your wildest dreams, or it might be something else entirely. But, regardless of how we define happiness,Β achieving it is always within our hands. In this article, I will be discussing some simple habits that can turn your life around.

Many of us are limited by our habits.Β 

The state and quality of your life is a direct reflection of the habits that you possess.

Life is beautiful when you enable yourself to live it to the fullest by transforming your actions into habits. Good habits propel you forwards, towards happiness and contentment. No matter the mistakes you might have made in the past, it is never too late to take charge and move on to a more fulfilling life.Β 

A small change today can cause ripples of positivity for years and years into your future.

Let me tell you how you can commence your journey by adhering to the following habits that will turn your life around.

Sleep well

Sleep and mood are very closely connected. A lack of sleep causes irritability and lack of energy, while a good and healthy sleep makes you feel refreshed and energized, ready to take on the world. An inability to get enough sleep may lead to a lack of concentration, frequent changes in your mood or emotional state, impatience, or even tiredness while handling things at home or work. If you happen to have difficulty sleeping:

  • Try meditation before going to bed.
  • While using your phone during the evenings, turn on night mode that turns your displays yellowish in color (The blue light that screens emit messes with your body’s ability to prepare for sleep. So you’re less drowsy at night, and it takes you longer to fall asleep.) Also, try lowering your screens’ brightness.
  • Do not use your phone 30-45 minutes before heading to bed.
  • Try listening to soft music while sleeping. (Tip:Β put the music on auto-stop after 30 minutes, so that it automatically stops after you have fallen asleep.)

Laugh more

Even during tough times, find reasons to smile and things to laugh about. I’m not asking you to keep laughing for no reason. I mean that you should always try to be appreciative of the things you have. No matter how hard a situation seems, be thankful that you have a sharp mind and an able body. Know that you have got the best player on your team – Yourself.

Just believe in yourself, appreciate the little things, and always end the day with a laugh, no matter how difficult a situation is. Watch a stand-up comedy video or a movie or joke around with your friends and family.

Spend more time with Nature

These days, every hour is rush hour, and we barely get time to appreciate the beauty of Nature. I suggest you spend some alone time in the park. Maybe take a relaxing walk or go for a nice jog to refresh your mind. Spending time within the arms of Nature, listening to the birds singing and just enjoying the peace and serenity, really helps clear your mind and connect with your inner self.

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Just as you need food to survive, your brain also needs fodder to keep functioning efficiently. Try to find at least 30-60 minutes every day to read a book. Reading keeps your mind sharp and also makes you feel calmer and focused. If you can’t find time to read, download an audiobook and listen to it while commuting to and from work. You can also listen to podcasts on apps like Spotify.

Feed your brain with beautiful things, and your mind will reward you with beautiful thoughts in return.


Research has shown that regular exercise not only boosts confidence, but it also aids in controlling addiction. Exercise is a well-known stress buster. Even though you might be feeling too tired or lazy, exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Staying active is vital for a happy life for everyone. Always keep your health at the highest priority.

Cultivate compassion

Never be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. Rather than blaming yourself for some error you might have made, try to understand that making mistakes and falling down is a significant part of being a human being. Be compassionate towards yourselves.

Self-love can heal even the deepest of wounds within minutes.

Cultivate self-compassion within you and show kindness to yourself.

Eat well

We are what we consume. Eating unhealthy fast food or processed foods every day causes hormonal imbalances in your body. It is also horrible for your health. Having imbalanced hormones makes you feel exhausted and irritated, which leads to a negative state of mind.

Whatever you decide to consume has a significant effect on your health. Diet is 70% of a healthy lifestyle, and exercise is the rest 30%. You might be going to the gym regularly or walking 15000 steps each day, but if your diet is poor, you will feel its negative effects sooner or later. You should drink more water and try to eat food that comes from the Earth as it is perfect for your mind, spirit, and body.

Make new friends

We become so lost in our mundane and monotonous life sometimes, that we forget how exciting it is to just sit around and share some stories with your friends. You should always be open to new experiences. Never shut people out. Just because you are not a kid anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t make new friends.

You never know when you might be exposed to a unique experience that may forever change your perspective.

Be around Happy people

Attitudes are contagious. So, surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and positive. We all have had some people come into our lives who make us feel negative and small. Be strong enough to cut ties with such a person and move on from them. Above all else, prioritize your mental health and happiness. Spend time with people who make you feel good, give you reasons to smile, and always try to be such a person in others’ lives, as well.

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