How Conor McGregor used the Law of Attraction to earn $100 million

They seem to be a superstar now with all the glamour, shiny cars, huge houses and paparazzi all around them. But did you know to live their dream life, they all used the law of attraction to manifest all of this? Today, we bring you first star of top 5 superstars who publicly acknowledged that they used the law of attraction to manifest it all.

Conor McGregor

This MMA superstar, made the news across the world when faced Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. Not a fan of boxing and MMA? No worries, you just need to know that he made $100 million from that one match. Shocked, this one-night appearance made him number 4 on Forbes highest paid athlete for 2018. Amazing na??
Here is one more amazing fact, he used Law of attraction for all of this. In 2006, he was a plumbing apprentice working in Ireland (avg pay €8.14 per hour) and in 2017 he made $100 million in one night. So the question is:

Why don’t you listen from himself in this interview below:

4 important takeaways for using the law of attraction:
  1.  Conor was exactly clear about what he wanted that is to be in the center of the arena filled by people.
  2. He Visualized even when the time was tough, to be exact Visualisation in time of struggle visualizing good things. For example, he visualized new car even when driving 2 hours for his plumbing job.
  3. Hold on to your vision.
  4. He is the living proof of the law of attraction always works.
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