How I manifested a new car using law of attraction

Howdy! Everyone! Hope you are doing awesome. Today I will tell you how I used the law of attraction to manifest a new car and how you can get yours. Discovering the Law of attraction and positive thinking are the two best things that happened to me in the year 2008 when my elder brother gave me the movie The Secret. And it took me 10 years to master it and yet every day I learn something new to improve my self and achieve my dreams faster.

It was Jan 2011, when I decided to test the law of attraction when I watched the secret movie for the second time. In my mind I kept repeating the three words, “Ask, Believe, Receive”.

What I did?
First, I decided what I want in details and wrote it down – I wanted a sedan car, that should have a Diesel powered engine as they give better mileage. (Law of attraction first step, ask, be as specific as possible)

The second step was Visualisation, to do this first I went to the Hyundai showroom and sat in the Verna car and very keenly observed everything on its dashboard and memorized it. I also test drove the car. It looked like this:
Hyundai Verna, Car I visualized
Hyundai Verna, Car I visualized

Then for the next couple of weeks, I used to visualize daily that I am sitting in that car and driving it to college, parking at my spot, going to my friend’s house in it. Actually feeling that I own this car. I never thought about how. My whole focus was on car’s interiors only. And this continued for next couple of months but visualization was not that religious but still I visualized about 3-4 times per week.

Though in my subconscious mind, I always wanted my car to have the interior like Verna but with better mileage.

I kept believing that it will manifest with patience and never thought about how because I knew Universe knows the fastest way to manifest my ask.

Most importantly, I was grateful for my current car, I never criticised it. Always thanked it for being a great mode of transportation, helping me to travel everywhere safely and comfortably.

What happened about 6-7 months later?
My brother has booked a new car that was launched by Maruti (Dzire), and I went to pick it up with him. Please note till now I had not seen this new car and had no clue about it. As soon as it was ready for delivery, my brother handed over the key to me and when I went inside, my eyes were filled with tears as the new interior of the car was like this:
New Swift Dzire, car I manifested
New Swift Dzire, car I manifested
It was like a miracle. Maruti Suzuki builds a new car that had interiors like I visualized with a way better mileage than Verna. Truly Universe works in mysterious ways. My heart filled with joy and my face couldn’t stop smiling because I just manifested my car.

So let’s recap the steps, so that you can also manifest a new car:
1. Fix the car you want. Be as exact as possible, think about the car model, engine, color, no. of seats
2. Go test drive it. Once you sit in it, memorize that moment.
3. Every day for 5 minutes visualizes actually owning that car. Visualise parking it in your garage, driving to your office, driving kids, parents or loved one it.
4. Use positive affirmations and believe in it. (7 affirmations to attract money in your life)
5. Be grateful to your current vehicle, it doesn’t matter, whether it is a second-hand car, public transport or a rented one.
6. Maintain your gratitude journal daily. Read how gratitude can change your life here: Gratitude: The first step towards happiness
7. Take the inspired action.

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  1. Plz tell me..How did you visualise ?Because I visualize my wish with open eyes and feel that it real and happening this correct method na?

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