How to Attract Money instantly in your life

Wassup people? Today, I bring you an amazing trick to attract money in your life instantly. This trick will reframe your money mindset.

To manifest money, in fact for any goal visualization is the mandatory step. It is a must do. But It is often difficult to visualize when your current situation is difficult, you are troubled by bills, or maybe feeling financially stressed.  
To overcome this first remember this, write it down on a piece of paper, keep it with you all the time, print it out, put it on the wall of your room –

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters

Now, how to visualize money?

Prerequisite, that have set a clear specific money goal. If not refer to this guide: How to set clear goals in 5 easy steps

While some do it by putting a $100 bill on the roof as shown in the secret movie. But who has that much time? (I know, I don’t)  So, How I visualize money?I discovered this trick that instantly put my mind in a wealthy state.

The trick is 4 step process:

  1. Get some money notes/bills that you already have doesn’t matter how much. 2, 3, 4, .. n. Just get them.
  2. Take notes in your hand, close your eyes and smell the money
  3. As you smell these babies, feel the beautiful scent of money and visualize the amount you want to attract.
  4. When visualizing, focus your all the energy on your heart.

Try this now. And let us know how did you feel after that.

To learn more about how to attract money I recommend How to attract money book by Joseph Murphy. The book has already sold millions of copies. Here is my copy 

How to attract money by Joseph Murphy
How to attract Money by Joseph Murphy
How to attract money is full of financial wisdom
How to attract money is full of financial wisdom. You can see how I underlined all the important takeaways. 

Buy this book right now. Don’t wait like you have 1000 years to live. Every moment procrastinated is an opportunity missed. Learn the basics of money management and get financially healthy.

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Pair this visualization trick with positive affirmations for money.

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