How to attract your perfect partner in 7 easy steps

Well! we all want to have one special person in our lives with whom we want to grow old. Whose one smile can make all your all stress go away? When you look them into the eye your heart gets that giggly/tingly feeling. Whose one kiss on forehead makes you feel like the wealthiest person in the world. Whose one hug make you feel safer than any place in the world.

Yet many people end up in a relationship with someone who is exactly opposite of what they dream of.

But today, all of your bad relationships are going to end as I will teach you how to attract your perfect partner. Follow these steps in a sequence and by the end of this post, you will be smiling no matter what the circumstances are or what situation you are in. So let’s begin.

Step 1 –  be grateful for your current relationship. I know this may sound difficult but this is the most important step to begin the change. By being grateful of your current situation you are telling the universe:

“I am strong and confident and I have moved from – Why me to Try me”.

Write 3 points you are grateful for in your current relationship, and read these points very slowly and feel grateful. After each point just say thank you to whomever you are grateful for.

Your relationship will improve miraculously. Read more about how gratitude is the first step towards happiness.

Example: if you are single you can write points like “I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity and enough time to think about my perfect partner. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Example: if you are divorced or in a troubled relationship you can have points like “I am grateful to my partner for helping me to understand what kind of partner I really want. Thank you thank you thank you”


Step 2 – Write all the qualities you want your perfect partner to have. Here most of the people get this wrong, instead of thinking about what they want the start thinking about what they don’t want.

For example they say I don’t want an alcoholic person and end up with an alcoholic, instead, they should have asked: ”I want a sober partner”.

I hope this example makes picture clearer as the law of attraction gives what you think about. Now write down all the qualities. Be as exact as possible.

Example: my partner is beautiful loyal trustworthy who respects me, takes care of me, supports me and can make me laugh anytime. He/she is a sober person and respects my family. Even I do the same for him/her.

Step 3 – Now think about one thing you always wanted to do with your partner. Could be anything like taking a walk while holding hands, or kissing in front of Eiffel Tower or Traveling to Venice or as simple as having a cup of coffee in rain.

Step 4 – Visualize, Visualize and Visualize. Now go to some quiet place, close your eyes and think of the person you thought of in step 2 and doing the one thing you thought of in step 3. Feel like it is actually happening, when your eyes are closed concentrate your energy on your heart and you will get this tingly feeling. Truly feel like your dream partner is with you right here right now.

Step 5 – Do this visualization for 7 minutes every day for next 14 days.

Step 6 – Create a list of positive affirmations of your perfect partner and read them three times a day. Some examples are  “ My perfect partner is on his way. The universe will find the fastest way to connect us.”

Step 7 – Repeat Step 4-6 for next 2 weeks.

And most importantly

“Always smile, because you never know who is falling in love with it.”


Do comment yes or no, if you smiled at the end of the post or not. ?