How to increase your happiness and change your life

Do you feel stuck, not moving ahead, when you scroll through your Instagram/Twitter and see all your “REAL” friends sharing the updates of their happening life? Today, we will work together to solve this social pressure problem. We will learn how to increase your happiness by doing couple of simple things. If you do this for two weeks, you will feel energized, happier, motivated, and grateful.

Till last year I was struggling with the same problem. When I looked around, someone I knew was getting a new car; someone was getting a new house, someone was getting a new wife.

It felt like someone has tied my legs and dropped me in an ocean while everyone else has a speed boat. I suffered from social pressure. Then I retrospected and found that root cause for it. It was hours and hours of mindless browsing on social media.

So let’s first understand

the effect of social media on your brain:

Let me ask you a question, in the following figure, which tabletop is bigger?

Tabletops in the image (also known as Shepard tables) are identical in shape and size! I haven’t believed that either until I measured it myself.

Shepard tables are an optical illusion, which tricks our brain into thinking that one is bigger while the other is smaller.

Similarly, when we spend a lot of time on social media, our mind is tricked into thinking that other’s life is happier, wealthier, and healthier. Now for our brain reference point of happiness becomes their life.

But what these “REAL” friends didn’t show what’s going wrong in their life. They don’t share about how much debt they have to buy this new car? How hungover were they after the party? They don’t show 99.9% what’s wrong in their life.

Now let’s fix it..

To increase your happiness

You need to reduce your time on social media. Yes, “reduce” not quit social media.

Four ways to reduce your time on social media

  • Turn off notifications of all your social media apps. App notifications are mean to break your focus. Many apps use them to bring you back to the app.
    Turning off the app notifications for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook is the easiest thing to do. Once I did this and my time spent on social media dropped 40%.
    It is straightforward, go to app settings and select to turn off notifications or in youtube search “How to turn off app notification +{your mobile model – Samsung s9}”. 
    Trust me, nothing in the world would change. Well, one thing that will change is you will feel happier.
My Instagram app notifications turned off
My Instagram app notifications turned off
  • Use apps like Apple screen time or device care by Google to limit the app usage to no more than 15 mins a day.
  • Hide the social media apps inside a folder. Remove shortcuts from the home screen. I had clubbed my apps in one folder, and I rarely open them, like once in 2 days.
  • Avoid opening any social media app except news before 1 PM. I recently started this practice, and I feel Fantastic. 

I do all of the above, and I feel happier, healthier, energized, joyful & grateful.

You can do it now to change your life. Remember, the first couple of days would be difficult, but you’re stronger. We are in it together.

I hope you find it helpful. Do let us know and share it with your family and friends.

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  1. This is actually helpful. I was a constant addict to instagram. I use to mindlessly spend hours on it without realising how much time I am wasting and straining my eyes. As part of my new year resolution, my boyfriend recently turned off notifications and set an app limit utilisation for Insta on my phone. I am still getting used to it though but I feel a lot happier and I could take out time for other activities that I like doing.

    Thanks for the other tips. Would try not opening any social media till 1.00 pm.

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