How to Set Clear Goals in 5 Easy Steps

It’s yet another time to set a goal that would change the course of your life. Perhaps you’d like to be healthy and fit again, boost your productivity or simply be a better person, and you know the key to achieving it is through a clear set roadmap. Setting clear goals is beneficial in a couple of ways, but much of it relies upon how you set them.

Goal setting allows you to chart the course of your direction, pretty much like what a benchmark would do. They offer focus and direction and combine with the urge, zeal, and motivation to boost the ‘hunger’ for success. Furthermore, without them, all your dreams and aspirations will remain as nothing, but hot air.

How to set clear goals

Step 1: Determine what you’d like to achieve – be brief, clear and precise and write it down

This is the easiest because it’s basically the reason behind that desire in you. While writing it down, however, you should inject some power and energy into it by starting with the words “I will…” or “I want to…” It is important to combine it into a single goal, that’s if they are a couple of them.

Step 2: Break it down into smaller ‘chunks’ of goals and note them down

You can’t pursue the goal off the bat – it may easily drain away the energy in you. So, it’s highly recommended that you subdivide it into smaller, more realistic goals that will contribute to the realization of the larger one. But while writing this down, be sure to explain every stage of your goal and include what’s needed and everything that would signal successful fruition.
This also makes the whole activity enjoyable as you will have ‘mini-triumphs’ before the mega one once you realize the goals. By breaking the main goal down, you will easily monitor your progress.

Step 3: Decide on the deadlines

It is very paramount to be realistic about the timelines of your goals when setting them. Knowing what you’d like to achieve and how you will be going about it can’t be paramount if you don’t have a clear timeline of doing it. So, subdivide the whole duration into smaller deadlines.

Step 4: Be accountable, belief in the goals and stick with them
This is easier said than done, but you must “own” the goals before anything else. So, believe that you will win and start working towards them. Also, exercise self-discipline so that you eventually actualize your goals.

Step 5: Review everything

This isn’t something you will do once – when you are done drafting them. Develop a habit of reviewing your goals every evening, to ensure that you remain accountable every day.

If you are setting goals for the first time, there’s an incredible mobile app called Magneto, and what this app does is, it makes goal setting a simple task. Magneto is actually unique from other commonly used apps. It not only does it allow you to have your complete list of goals in less than 10 minutes but also turn smart notification on so that you will remember them at all times.

Here are few handpicked guides on what to do next:

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