How to set Materialistic goals

Materialism is a set of values and goals focused on wealth, possessions, image, and status.

If you aspire to be a business tycoon, a celeb, an influencer, or someone with importance and fame, you’ll have to create and stick to always setting materialistic goals. With clearly defined material goals, you’ll have a benchmark that your pursuit will be based upon. 

If you can make a habit out of always setting materialistic goals and following up with them, I can guarantee that you’ll achieve your dream of wealth and status.

You simply can’t say, “I want a car or a large, deluxe house” and expect it to manifest itself out of thin air!

Regardless of your materialistic dream’s size and grandeur, your journey becomes 50% easier the moment you clearly set and define your goals. Setting your goals makes the whole journey a lot easier to trudge because you already know how to move forward in a particular situation. 

In this case, a goal acts as a blueprint and helps overcome the often daunting hurdles associated with materialistic goals.

But wait – what does it mean when you speak of ‘Materialistic Goals?’

Materialistic goals can be referred to as the goals that one is “excessively concerned with” and is specifically “eager to acquire.” It could be something like buying one’s dream car, going on a voyage around the world, and so forth. With materialistic goals, one is overzealous and enthusiastic. 

Having materialistic goals and dreams makes one exhibit the ‘hunger’ to realize those dreams.

Strategies for setting Materialistic Goals

Be specific & realistic with your Goals.  

Whether they are grand expectations or realistic ideas, materialistic goals are a product of more profound and intense soul-searching. 

All goals and dreams are achievable if you are ready to hustle for them. Still, you should always be able to differentiate between realistic and unrealistic goals, depending upon the resources you have at the moment.

One will have to figure out whether the dream is worth pursuing and if it would make the difference one craves for or not. And so, the first step is to be as ‘Specific’ as possible. 

It could be an ‘I will shed 10 pounds in three weeks’ or ‘I want to learn a new skill within a month’ or even a statement that’s more vivacious, spirited and forceful in tone. Personalizing it with the words “I will” or “I want” is ideal when setting your materialistic goals. 

Divide and Conquer

When looking at your goal or dream, it might seem overwhelming to look at it all together. Try breaking the bigger and scarier chunk into smaller, more specific, and beatable goals. 

As you ask yourself what you’d like to achieve, you might feel like the goal is immensely daunting. However, there’s a straightforward way of overcoming this and making your goals immensely easier to achieve – breaking them down into smaller, manageable ones. 

For a dream like, “I want to be fit,” add another pledge like “I need to eat more healthily, work out, and shun unhealthy lifestyles.” Alongside this, split your 3-week period and the 10-pound target into phases with each period having its own goal. After that, just continuously keep track of your progress. 

Make a binding agreement with yourself in writing.

Materialistic goals, particularly the huge ones, require you to draft everything down, including what you will do during the first, second, and third stages…and so forth. Furthermore, writing them down gives you a clear perspective of how you are supposed to approach the goal and makes it harder to ignore them and, therefore, holds you more accountable. 

To achieve materialistic goals is no mean feat. You will have to be creative with how you write them down so that the brain really “absorbs” them enough to keep ringing inside every day. But rather than hastily writing them down in a topline way, go more in-depth and create a paragraph of each phase. This way, you will achieve extra confidence, grit, and the power to set off like an unstoppable rocket, regardless of the hurdles. 

Adjust ’em Goals – periodically.

 “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

– William Arthur Ward

If you find one aspect of your dream is a bit unrealistic to execute, be like the proverbial sailor and adjust the goals. Re-evaluate the strategies and weed out the impossible ones while adding more specific ones! 

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