Learn how to run your day before the day runs you

Either you run the day or the day runs you is a fact yet most of us let day run us. Do this one thing in the morning that ensures you are running your day and increase your productivity massively. Doing this, you will let the day know “Who is the boss?”. Make this one thing your daily habit and you will be on track to achieve your goals faster whether you want to be a millionaire or travel to Paris or run your own business, this trick will help you achieve it faster.

Fun Fact: This one thing is endorsed by everyone from Zig Ziglar to Jim Rohn to Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy.

Excited? Wanna know what it is?

One thing you should do in the morning is to make a “To-do List” for that day.

It took me 28 years of my life to discover the power of to-do list and how amazing it is.

Benefits of making a to-do list in the morning:

1. You set clear goals for each day – It makes your mind clear about what you want to achieve today. Once you have clear goals, you are more focused, energized and full of enthusiasm. It makes your brain like google maps that will help reach your destination i.e. your goal, giving you clear direction at every point.

2. Releases Happy Hormones – It is now scientifically proven that our body releases Endorphins a.k.a happy hormones whenever we complete one of the items on our to-do list. Don’t believe me, just try it. Go ahead.

3. You are more satisfied – Once you achieve your goal, you start feeling more satisfied, accomplished and more like a winner. When you do it daily overtime it becomes part of your character.

4. Your self-image improves – achieving your daily goals boost your confidence, prepare you to tackle any challenges and makes you a winner.

How to make a to-do list:

I generally, make my to-do list when I am commuting to my office. It only takes around 6~7 minutes to arrange my thoughts and write them down. Generally, it looks like this:

My To-Do list
My To-Do list

Try to add things you do daily like I include working out, writing gratitude journal and generally I exercise, write gratitude in the morning before the office. So as soon as I am making my to-do, I am done with one of my tasks already. This sets the tone for the day and makes me in charge of my day.

Also, prioritize it that is do things that return higher values.

Many of my friends and colleagues have benefited immensely from making a to-do list. I urge to start doing it right away and change the way you work. Emerge a winner and punch the day in the face.

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