Learn Money secrets that rich people know

What if you get 300 million dollars, would you ever work again?

Well! Who is gonna!? Duh..but that is simply not true.

Let’s look at Floyd Mayweather as an example. For a single fight, he makes something between $100-400 million. In May 2015, he fought Manny Pacquiao and earned $250 million purse in one night and he retired from boxing (second time). But in 2017, he again came out of retirement to fight one more time against Conor McGregor and this time he made $285 million in one night and retired again. Now, on Dec 31, 2018, he will fight one more time.

But, why he keeps coming out of retirement after earning about more than 1 billion dollars?

He has the talent to earn money but don’t know how to keep it. He has no control over his extravagant spending habits. His Ex-associate and rapper 50 Cent even warned him:

If you stop fighting, then the money flow stops

Like most of the people, he is living paycheck by paycheck.

Simply put he doesn’t understand the basics of money management that all rich people understand and teach their kids. Due to a lack of understanding of how money works, he has to keep fighting even after making more than 1 billion dollars.

If you are struggling with your finances, living in debt, working merely to pay those lousy bills months after months, you know you need to master the basics of money management.

Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, I was in your shoes but then I discovered the secrets of money from wealthiest man know in human history. The Richest Man in Babylon reveals the Money Secrets of the Ancients and is the Most Inspiring Book on Wealth Ever Written. I am in love with this book and the change it has brought in my financial life is amazing.

Since reading The Richest Man in Babylon, I am financially healthy, debt free and my money makes more money without me looking into it, true passive income. The book reveals 7 rules of money that were kept secret from most of us. None of the school teaches them even the business schools.

One of the rules also saved me from the market crash which I will share in a later post (hmm maybe :P).

This is how my The Richest man in Babylon looks like and is full of wisdom that is priceless :
My copy of Richest man in Babylon
Every page is filled with wealth wisdom (I love to highlight important points)

Action Step for you if you want be financially healthy:

Buy this book right now. Don’t wait like you have 1000 years to live. Every moment procrastinated is an opportunity missed. Learn the basics of money management and get financially healthy.

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Let us know if this book helped you or any other money management tip that you use.

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