Positive affirmations for Relationships

  • I respect my partner, and they respect me, as well.
  • We have built our relationship on the foundation of trust and respect.
  • I trust my partner and have faith in them.
  • I know that we can overcome anything together.
  • I can talk to my partner about anything without being judged.
  • I am open to any suggestions my partner has.
  • I can always count on my partner to understand my feelings.
  • I can always lean on my partner for support and help.
  • We are going to get through tough times.
  • My partner gives me strength by loving me, and I shall do the same for them.
  • We are both lucky to be in a loving and caring relationship.
  • I am grateful to my partner for always being there for me through both good times and tough times.
  • I feel safe and protected with my partner.
  • I love that my relationship is growing stronger, deeper, and more rooted with every day that we spend together.
  • I enjoy how supportive, romantic, caring, and loving my partner is.
  • I enjoy being showered with love by my partner.
  • I enjoy having a partner with whom I can share anything.
  • I am flexible and patient with my partner.
  • I focus on the good things in my relationship.
  • We have a healthy and loving relationship that is secure and full of trust.
  • I respect my partner’s boundaries, and they respect mine, as well.
  • My partner is very considerate of my feelings, as I am considerate of theirs.
  • I believe in the strength and vitality of our relationship.
  • I am continually passing positive vibes to my partner and receiving the same in return.
  • My partner values me and makes me feel loved and cherished.
  • My partner prioritizes our relationship, and as do I.

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