Results are out, Thank you all!

Results for success fundas survey are out. From bottom of my heart I say thank you to all of you. Results from this survey are analyzed and more better content will be shared on

And The Result is:


Success Fundas survey result
Success Fundas survey result

From the survey it can be seen that below two categories will be our focus in coming couple of months:

  1. Practical Law of Attraction – 41.2 %
  2. Wealth & Law of attraction – 32.4 %

What next?

You all will be wondering “What next?”. So for the next couple of months we will share more content for you guys on Practical law of attraction and wealth and law of attraction. Starting from 3 week of august of we will share at least 2 articles per week. These articles will help you achieve your dream life faster, master your finances, fill your life with love, happiness and joy. So Stay tuned!

Also, since our readers are our top most priority, success fundas survey will be kept open.

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