The Secret Formula of Success: Easy Steps to Set Clear Goals

Success stands for the achievement of self-determined goals. Ever noticed how most successful, award-winning individuals have a knack for following strict personal strategic planning norms and setting goals?

You might say it’s because of their eccentric, out-of-the-box way of thinking, coupled with their constant stubbornness to push the limits of success. Most successful managers and entrepreneurs share a similar set of factors and characteristics, which contributes to their legacies. 

They set their sights on a goal and go all daggers towards it, regardless of any hurdles they might have to cross. 

And while it’s reasonable to think that all of these successful people must follow a strict unachievable regime, I’m here to tell you that most of them do it extremely straightforwardly just by following a few simple steps.

Importance of Setting Clear Goals

They are your personal guide

You can never be a success, either personally or professionally, if you do not have a clear roadmap. Success only comes when you sit down and draft a clear and realistic list of goals.

They are like the lemon in your lemonade

It’s arguably the most significant ingredient in your arsenal to take down all the hurdles in your success journey. With a set of clear goals, you may never lack focus and direction in your hunt.

They are Indicators for your performance

Goals serve as a benchmark to determine how good you are doing and whether the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is nigh.

Why shouldn’t you set goals?

There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t set clear and decisive goals. Your goals give you a purpose, which you can work toward. With an intuitive mobile app like Magento, keeping track of your goals and progress is more convenient than ever. It will also remind you of the goals you have set, so you can never veer off the right path for too long.

They are your personal Cheerleaders

Goals will push you to control your life’s map and fortify your position as the sole custodian of your eventualities. They encourage you to take charge of your life and basically give you the power to decide how and where you want your life to go.

Therefore, you must pay lots of emphasis on the goals you set, including the steps required to actualize them.

How to Set Clear, Realistic and Doable Goals: the 7-step formula

Don’t merely say “I want” and remain hopeful that everything will fall into place, or hurriedly note the goals down only to later forget about them and eventually fail to follow them. 

Instead, start the process with a clear mind and chart your way patiently by setting clear steps that would later morph into wheels of success. 

If you are a little unsure about how to start, many mobile apps can guide you through the process of creating goals and help you in conveniently enabling you to set the right targets.

Let’s do the 7-step formula, inspired by the Magneto Mobile App.

Step #1: 

Decide the exact thing you’d love to achieve and elaborate on every metric of it in writing. Fundamentally, make it specific and measurable.

Step #2: 

Come up with the most realistic deadlines for achieving your overall goal. However, be sure to break your timeline into smaller feats of mini-deadlines.

Step #3:

Have a list of the things you will have achieved at the end of every deadline. Your goals should comprehensively have everything needed for its success. However, you can leave out some extra space for addition going forward.

Step #4: 

Now, craft a perfect plan for all the activities worth doing. Two elements worth focusing on when creating a layout are sequence and priority.

Step #5: 

Identify your threats and obstacles that may hold you back from actualizing your goals. Note them down and be as clear and specific as possible.

Step #6: 

After you’ve identified your goal, crafted the right plan, and determined the limitations, work towards harmonizing the positives while minimizing the negative elements. Right after that, start working towards your goal ASAP!

Step #7: 

With each passing day, query yourself to see whether you are working towards the goal or not. This will create a habit of focusing on it, even when the circumstances don’t allow.

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